CPR Classes

CPR Classes

Top five reasons to learn CPR:

  1. CPR saves lives
  2. Most cardiac arrests occur at home
  3. Anyone can learn CPR
  4. The life you save may be that of a loved one
  5. Our classes are educational and fun

Below is a description of the classes we teach. Each class can be taught in our space or yours. Every group, regardless of age, would benefit from knowing how to perform CPR, recognize/treat emergencies, and use an AED.

Call our office to see which class is right for your group and to schedule that class today!

  • BLS HEALTHCARE PROVIDER COURSE is designed to provide a healthcare professionals the ability to recognize and analyze life-threatening emergencies; provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking.
    • Intended Audience: doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, CNAs, physical/respiratory/occupational therapists, aides, police officers
  • COMMUNITY CPR is designed for lay rescuers and provides the basic skills and confidence to perform CPR on adult, children, and infants. Participants will learn how to recognize and alleviate airway obstructions, the proper use of an AED, and the signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest.
    • Intended Audience: All of the general public. This class does not fulfill the requirements for health care providers.

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